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This may seem harmless at first, but can cost dearly in the long run. Any time a machine is disturbed by changing the lubricant (drain and fill) there is risk, even when using the same exact lubricant.This includes routine oil changes and regreasing practices.Most of these are associated with cutting corners and failing to do proper lubrication engineering.This can be avoided by making technically sound decisions with the support and advice of qualified lubrication advisors.How mistakes can be made: Mixing Incompatible Lubricants - This occurs when doing a rolling change-over to a new lubricant that is incompatible with the lubricant previously used and still in the machine.A rolling change-over is periodically adding make-up fluid on top of a previous lubricant of a different type or brand.They have also re-engineered the precision of their lubricant specification.There are many real and a couple of somewhat imaginary benefits to these consolidation initiatives. These include: The imaginary relates to the false reality that limiting lubricant SKUs to the catalog products of a single major brand can optimize the selection and number of lubricants in typical process industry plants and factories.

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Conversely, machines that run at loads and speeds exceeding rated loads and can cause process interruption on failure should not use general-purpose lubricants.

While our products, businesses and operations have evolved over the course of the past century, our commitment to our employees and our communities has remained the same.

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