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However, the remainder could be miserable because your blood sugar level has enjoyed the initial high it got from the fast digestion and absorption of what you’ve just eaten, but is now paying the price for the following crash.

The same goes for greasy, fatty foods such a pizza. To understand how best to fuel a ride, we need to understand the macronutrients and their basic role in the body. It’s stored initially in our muscles and anything over and above what the body can store there gets moved over to our fat stores.

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Cycling UK’s unique guide to all the published cycle routes in the British Isles, whether on or off-road.

This isn’t a bad thing and we all have plenty of it to go round!

For our hunter-gatherer ancestors, these fat stores would have originally been used to keep us going during the winter fast when food was hard to come by.

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Heather Evans Cycle A-way Co-ordinator,[email protected] listed includes : Sustrans National Cycle Network (NCN) and their Regional Route (RR) numbers are often included.If you’ve had a sensible breakfast and a good night’s sleep you’ll find that your body is quite capable of staying well hydrated and fuelled for the duration without having to consider a 'fuelling strategy'. If it’s warm out consider adding an electrolyte tablet to it.