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And then, every so often, an album comes along that practically eats the world. The artist comes to be among the world's most important fashion icons, and has their entire career made up. The lyrics and images within the album become an essential part of our culture. It broke all records for first-week sales by a solo artist.

This album was more intense, harder, louder, cruder, scarier, funnier, wittier, more shocking, infinitely more soul-bearing....was The Slim Shady LP to the nth degree. You know that's he's hungry to prove himself - to prove all those Vanilla Ice comparisons wrong, to prove he's not a gimmick, to prove that white guys can rap. This is the album that stamped Eminem's reputation as possibly the best MC since Rakim - certainly the best to gain mainstream acceptance.From Kill You's excellent use of silence and sparcity, to Stan's sampling of Dido and use of rain and writing sound effects, to The Real Slim Shady's twisted pop, to Marshall Mather's lonely acoustic guitar, to Bitch Please II's Dre-trademarked G-funk, to Kim. The album is flawed only by a couple of skits (the Ken Kaniff skit is disgusting and has no place in music) and by guest appearances.Amityville would be much better off without Bizzare.Those aren't qualities you tend to associate with a 15-million seller. The moment this album dropped, he BECAME pop music. Just as symbolic as Nirvana displacing Michael Jackson, Eminem displaced Britney Spears in the Billboard charts.

The key element to The Marshall Mathers LP is its intensity.Among the dark material on the , there is a bit of humor by way of "The Real Slim Shady," as he pokes fun at boy bands and pop songbirds Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.