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21-Oct-2017 09:02

She swears she would never wear them but I’m going to see if I can change that.

Of course she couldn’t wear my right one, since my leg is shorter and right shoe smaller for my smaller foot. I know she wears the same size shoes as I do on my left foot, and the length is right.

While I took the straps loose from my braces, I watched her transfer from her chair to the shower chair and pull her legs into the stall behind her.

Even though I have to do these things myself every day, it’s still interesting to see how another paraplegic does things.

She knew my house well and made herself at home with a drink from the kitchen.

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We have even made friends with other wheelchair couples who are new to dating. Like me, she is a paraplegic in a manual wheelchair, but she retains some feeling in the lower parts of her legs and feet.

I arrived home first, and when she wheeled up my ramp to my open front door I was still in my braces but using my wheelchair to move around the house.

I was still in my skirt and blouse from work, and had my right leg crossed over my left one in my chair.

Her legs look great, having not lost much muscle tone due to her regular exercises and therapy.

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Her doctors say she may even regain some movement, but for now she spends her day’s mobile only through her wheelchair.So I finished with my braces, and removed my limp feet one at a time from my three-inch pumps.

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