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Through the Nest app or site, you can set up notifications for whenever the Nest Cam sees a significant amount of movement within the frame of its vision.The threshold for significant is quite low, too -- the Nest Cam has spotted my little black cat walking through my home office, and it's been triggered once or twice by the trees swaying out the windows under heavy wind.And if you have a decent internet connection, you'll be able to view it on the app or site through Nest's cloud storage servers with surprising speed; it doesn't take ages, especially thanks to highlights, to find any activity that your Nest Cam has captured.When I first set up the Nest Cam, I was getting activity notifications through the app and via email, because there was always activity in front of the camera that I'd placed in front of a thoroughfare.If I'm monitoring my home for safety reasons rather than security, it makes sense to me to have both a Nest Protect and a Nest Cam covering the same area, where security monitoring really only needs the Cam.You've got a good reason to buy a Nest Protect (or two, or three) alongside your Nest Cam (or two, or three) for the peace of mind of protecting your home against fire alone.

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You can also use the app or site to talk through the Nest Cam using its small integrated speaker.

It's not talking about speeds and feeds, though, so much as it is peace of mind -- about the security of knowing that your house is being monitored when you go on holiday, about the safety of knowing your smoke alarm is working when you switch off the light late at night.