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In September 2009, for example, the IRGC purchased a controlling stake in the Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI), the country’s main provider of internet and mobile phone services.Other providers must purchase bandwidth from the Data and Communication Company (DCC).This is partially due to the fact that the state-owned Telecommunications Infrastructure Company (TIC) holds an effective monopoly on bandwidth in the country, which they sell on to internet service providers (ISPs) at a considerable markup.In addition, the demand for bandwidth far outstrips what is available.

However, President Hassan Rouhani’s promises to introduce greater personal and social freedoms have been checked by more conservative factions within the state, principally the judiciary and Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), whose leaders control most companies in the ICT sector.The ICT ministry’s budget reached its highest level in history, reflecting increasing investments in both internet infrastructure and censorship tools.Internet speeds remain slow, although a significant rise was noted over the past year.News websites on all sides of the political spectrum have been censored for failing to adhere to strict guidelines on how to cover political events, such as the nuclear deal.

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Tensions between so-called reformists and conservatives regularly play out on the digital sphere, often with devastating consequences for innocent users.Internet penetration statistics in Iran are notoriously contested and unreliable.

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