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These female divers defy expectations as they gracefully swim to depths up to 20 meters in search for delicacies such as octopus, shellfish, abalone, and sea urchins.

Without the aid of oxygen tanks and advanced diving gear, the haenyeo, or women of the sea, don a simple wetsuit, flippers, mask, and weighted belt which elicits the suitable nickname, the last mermaids on earth.

They receive no formal training, they learn to dive from their mothers, grandmothers, and other haenyeo, creating a sisterhood bond among the women.

While in the sea, they choose to challenge their physical abilities, training their mind and body to withstand intense pressure and condition their lungs to ignore its desire for oxygen for minutes on end.

The experience has been described by the haenyeo in an old proverb that states, “We go to the Otherworld to earn money, and return to this one to save our kids.” While keenly aware of the dangers that lurk beneath the sea, once they enter the water, the haenyeo view the ocean as a type of sanctuary. Hilty describes it as “a womb, a place where earthly cares disappear and the mind is free, singularly focused on the catch.” This sense of euphoria can be explained by a physiological phenomenon known as nitrogen narcosis which leads to generalized tranquility.The haenyeo led their families out of poverty through committing themselves to a life of labor by independently navigate the sea.