Weather direct updating

05-Jul-2017 10:39

The weather API provided the means to complete the project within budget and in a timely manner without negatively impacting the existing customer base.

As we transition to the La Crosse View platform, it is important to focus our attention on our new system.

They first introduced radio-controlled clocks to the US market in 1991 and continue to be on the cutting edge of this technology in America.

La Crosse Technology products are available for purchase at thousands of retail establishments across North America.

Lacrosse (according to their email) says the 31st is the end.

Funny thing is that I can't find any other confirmation (other than the email I posted) that Lacrosse is pulling the plug. Update: Weather direct units still working as of 09/20/17. Or their new, improved model was just not quite ready to roll out yet? The planned time for the units to stop receiving data was 09/01.The HAMweather team was great to work with and very helpful whenever I ran into a blocking issue or just had a general question regarding use of the services.

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